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You’ve Never Seen Clear Aligners Like These

Your teeth are growing crooked, and you want them fixed. Traditional metal braces are an option, but you don’t like the appearance and complex maintenance routine that go along with them. Invisalign® is popular, but perhaps a little out of your price range. What would you say if we told you that you can get all the discreet teeth straightening benefits of that popular brand in a more affordable package? Introducing Sapphire Clear Smiles—a new type of customized clear aligners in Richmond, TX. Dr. Hoang Doan and Dr. Johnny Trinh are pleased to offer you these clear braces exclusively here at Sapphire Family Dentistry.

An Exclusive Benefit of Our Practice

Crooked teeth can also cause bite issues, teeth grinding and clenching, and TMJ and jaw pain. Straight teeth make it possible for you to properly brush and floss your teeth. You’ll discover that your oral hygiene routine will become easier and have better results. Similarly, aligned teeth will improve how your teeth fit together, helping to resolve functional problems associated with crooked teeth and a bad bite (malocclusion). Overall, Invisalign treatment from our experienced dentist in Richmond, TX will improve the health and function of your smile, in addition to providing natural smile aesthetics and a boost to your confidence!

Dr. Hoang talks about why Sapphire Clear Smiles are a Better Alternative to Braces

All-in-One Package for a Beautiful Smile

When you choose Sapphire Clear Smiles customized clear aligners, you’ll also receive a free automatic toothbrush at the outset of your treatment and free Zoom teeth whitening treatment at the end. These will help you keep that newly straightened smile clean and sparkling. We offer this entire package to you at one low price that other name-brand clear braces can’t touch. We genuinely want your smile to look beautiful. It only makes sense that we would give you all the tools and treatments necessary to create a smile you’ll love and be proud to show off!

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